EDE (ecovillage design education) Philippines, Tuwa the laughing fish

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Working with the Earth Institute in Auroville, India (from January 2012- May 2012), was a turning point in my life.

I was suddenly in a remote place in south India, on the other side of my world having to deal with a new culture, environment and mindset building small houses from earth.

Coming to Auroville was not an easy decision considering everybody expected me to be a star architect building huge concrete buildings as expressions of development in our busy cities.

But once I got to Auroville, I knew exactly why I had made this decision.

When I completed the internship, I was lost in a new way of life and struggling to find a path that will help me use my education as an architect to fulfil my dream of coming closer to nature. I had about 2 months to do this before I returned to Colombia and finish my architectural degree.

And the universe responded. I received an email about EDE Philippines, and in a couple of hours with my parents support I took the decision of how to spend the next month of my life.

I took my bag and my being ready to a new adventure! When I entered to Tuwa, I knew that would be an introductory experience to my new path, without being conscious that had begun to walk.

I shared a wonderful time with wonderful people from all across the world- Japan, South Africa, Philippines, Netherland and Australia, and of course, Penelope and John from whom we all received tremendous love and knowledge every single day of the workshop.

During the month, we focussed in four dimensions of- Social, Worldview, Economic and Ecological and in between hands on, movies, profound conversations, nice food, cooking lessons, songs, and bicycle rides.

I am always going to be grateful with Michele, Penelope and John to gave me the example of a different but real way of living.

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