SacredGroves – A dream community

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Angelica joined SacredGroves in Auroville in January of 2014 to practice architecture beyond a computer screen.
She came back to Auroville because it seemed like home, it is a crazy place with an ability to attract crazy people.

I joined SacredGroves in April 2014 to move away from the noise and find some quiet to think / work and learn.

As we got involved more and more, we began seeing the value of the work we were doing and the impact it was going to have on our lives.

SacredGroves is not just a building project. It is a process of nurturing a community. While we continue to design, prototype and build, at every step we question the status quo of creating places and also our own approach and practice.

Though we had very little experience of building structures, nature taught us rather quickly and taught us how to learn to unlearn the things that we knew and took for granted.

To us, SacredGroves is a blank canvas for people to walk into and co-create meaningful experiences and habitable places for themselves and others. With every new idea and experiment, we were excited about the possibilities that existed. And by creating working prototypes of these possibilities, we wanted to inspire people and make them believe that it is possible.

SacredGroves might have an extensive architectural plan with all the technical details, but it’s real plan can be seen in the small circle where all the volunteers come together and share the most productive time of their lives in realizing a community.

Apart from all the necessary technical skills that we have learnt at this place, we have learnt to dream and to believe. Working at SacredGroves is like working at a garden. We work dedicatedly, nurture with love and observe patiently the plant grow.

SacredGroves gave us the bliss of tiring ourselves out and sleeping with the setting sun, to wake up to birds calling out to each other, to feel the wind and lie down watching the stars without thinking anything.

SacredGroves showed us what happiness is.

Thank you SacredGroves. We will meet soon!
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