The survivor (no more)

In early July, our cat gave birth to six kittens. When we returned from Bogota, the cat was hiding them in a safe place in one of the rooms.

In about ten days the cat shifted the babies to another safe place in the same room. She did this twice before the kittens made their first public appearance. It was a sight to watch them run around and touching everything with wonder, looking with keen interest trying to grasp the details.

While the kittens curiously wandered in the room, one of them sat in the corner, alone and frail.  It seemed that it was hard for the cat to feed six kittens and one of them was a little week.

In about a week or so, the winds grew colder and strong. All the babies started losing their vigour and the weaker baby became worse and worse.
On one cold morning, we found the baby struggling to breathe. After a few hours, it gave up.
As the weather grew colder, it became more difficult for the mother cat to feed and keep warm all the babies. The kittens caught a flee on their stomachs and one by one three of them gave up after hours of troubled breathing.

By the time we had two survivors, we shifted them to the kitchen near the wood stove to keep them warm. Also Angelica started giving them doses of glucose to help keep their bodies energised. They started doing better but finally only one survived.

We were feeling a little helpless as cat doctors trying to save a life. But everyday, the baby became more healthy and within a week, the mother invited it outside the kitchen to introduce it to the world.

It has been a joy to see the kitten following the mother, learning to tackle the dogs when they could be meaning to bother, learning to jump and climb on the stones looking at everything with a sparkle in the eye.

We believe that the mother cat is too young to nurse six kittens and that these were her first babies. It is common for only a few kittens to survive after birth.
For us, it was sad to see the kittens go away one by one. The lone survivor looks strong and skilful and will keep the memories of its siblings alive.

Update September 13, 2015

The lone survivor died on Sunday.
We will remember him/her for having made it for longer. It was a good cat.

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