Filtered Panchagavya after 10 weeks

Panchagavya can be used on both soil and leaves, depending on the soil and plant health.
This recipe is from Annadana Seed Bank at Botanical Gardens, Auroville.
It has an elaborate preparation:


  • Fresh cow dung- 5 Kg
  • Ghee- 1 Kg
  • Cow’s urine- 3 litres
  • Cows milk- 2 litres
  • Curd – 2 litres
  • Tender coconut water- 3 litres (about 4-5 coconuts)
  • Mashed banana- 12 numbers
  • Jaggery solution- 1 Kg dissolved in 1 l water
  • Honey – 50 ml
    OR fermented coconut juice- 2 l


  1. Keep adding the ingredients in the above order and stir well each time.
  2. Stir the final mixture continuously for 1-2 minutes in clockwise and anti-clockwise directions.
  3. Cover with a shade net and let it ferment. In hot regions, the fermentation might happen in about 3 weeks. It Kodaikanal it took about 10 weeks. You will know when it starts smelling sweet (It will still smell really strong). Also you will see bubbles appearing on the surface of the mix. Once the bubbles die out, the fermentation should have completed.
  4. For spraying, filter a couple of times with a cloth or shade net.
  5. For using, mix 300 ml Panchagavya in 10 litre water (3 % solution)

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