Following the sun

Last few months, I have been trying to understand the motion of the earth, concept of time, seasons, stars, constellations and how we perceive the skies from down here. Of course, the most important of them being our relationship with the Sun.

To mark our longitude and latitude, we set up a gnomon.

gnomon   /ˈnəʊmɒn/   noun
Gnomon comes from Greek  gnōmōn, meaning “one that knows or examines”.
The part of a sundial that casts the shadow is also called a gnomon.

The feeling of being able to witness something so grand and limitless from a place insignificant in existence blows my mind. Everytime.

The gnomon was set up on a flat patch of land on the farm with concentric circles of diameter 0.5 m, 1 m , 1.5 m and 2 m. The idea is to mark the tip shadow of the gnomon on these circles during the course of the day and projecting sun’s movement in two dimensional space.

Since we set up the gnomon, the days are getting shorter because of the winter and we have neither had full sun days nor the mindspace to follow the gnomon religiously. As the monsoon winds arrive, I feel summer will be a better time to start again.

I want to be able to project the longitude and latitude of this place with the gnomon and translate them onto a sundial.

3 thoughts on “Following the sun

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  1. Whoa .. Its an amazing concept .. ☺️
    Its like a connection of the earth and the celestial spheres ..
    How do you translate the lattitude and longitude on the sundial?
    Curiosity is curse you noe .. 😛


    1. Hi!

      i feel it’s a blessing 🙂

      I still havent been able to determine the longitude and latitude.
      Would have progressed accordingly. I have some books on sundial that I am referring to.
      Will keep you posted when i reach the next step.
      Do share if you set this up!!


      1. Sure bro 🙂
        Soo nice to know more activities involving the sun , the earth and all the wonderful theories waiting to be found ..
        Keep going bro.. 👍🏻☺️


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