Kanji (carrot pickle)

I always remember Kanji from my grandmother’s house in Delhi.
Winter was the season of carrots and beets and my grandmother used to buy kilos of each at the very beginning. This she would put with some spices and water in large ceramic pots and leave them in the sun for about a week.
This was called kanji and we would sip it with the entire family enjoying the sun on a cold afternoon.

I had Kanji almost after 20 years when my mother made it on her visit to Kodaikanal. It tastes still the same.


  1. Boil about 1 litre water add 3-4 carrots (cut in long pieces) in it. Let it cool.
  2. Transfer the water and the carrots in a bottle, preferably glass or ceramic.
  3. Add 250 grams of finely ground mustard seeds.
  4. Add common salt, black salt and red chilli powder to taste..
  5. Leave the bottle in the sun for about 3-4 days.
  6. Serve the juice and the carrots in glasses.

Kanji is cold and is best enjoyed in the sun.
You can also add beet root which gives a really nice colour to the Kanji.

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