Farming in the mountains


Looking out from the porch, we can see the mighty mountains in the east, the city of Palani in the north and the villages of Attwampatti, Vilpatti and Koelpatti and their lush green farmlands in the north west.

Terraces have been cut artistically on difficult mountain slopes to maximise flat land available for farming. The terraces are 6-10 feet high and about 10=15 feet wide. All the terraces have a water channel at their back. When crops are planted in rows, perpendicular to the edge of the terraces, channels are maintained between these rows to facilitate flood irrigation. These channels also help in drainage of the surface run off water during rains, reducing soil erosion. When not flooded, these channels also serve as pathways.

The terraces have ben built by retaining the soil with stone walls all through the length of the terraces. The stone walls heat up during the day and slowly release that heat to the soil as temperatures fall at night, keeping sensitive plant roots warm.

Terraces with this wisdom are to be found all over the world, some of the oldest being in Peru, laboriously built by the Incas.

Farmers grow garlic, onions, potatoes, radishes, carrots, beans of various kinds, peas, grains on these lands.


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