Early Spring


Today, the earth embraced the sun completely and nearly. This vernal equinox also marks the earliest northern spring since 1896.

An equinox is a biannual event when the earth is not tilted towards or away from the sun at all. Both the northern and southern hemispheres are gazing at the sun.
It normally occurs on March 21st every year.
The atumnal equinox will occur on September 22 this year, marking the begining of autumn (in the northern hemisphere), one day earlier than usual.

Why is it early this year?
Because of our imperfect calendar that doesn’t account for the actual time the earth takes to revolve around the sun.

The day and the night today are of nearly equal lengths. As the sun comes closer and closer, life wakes up from dormancy and sings again.

2 thoughts on “Early Spring

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  1. dear Anjul .Thanks for this beautiful post… we can feel the spring coming … Today I was in Pebble Gardens , so nice work , and so nice people… He told me you have already left Kode …. yes ?
    Contact me before going please … My love to Mamarri . Is she O.K.? Natalia is here …
    all my love


  2. Que amanecer tan bello. Un abrazo

    Enviado desde mi iPod

    El 20/03/2016, a las 8:18 a.m., pockets-full-of-stories escribió:

    > >


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