COW SHED / harvesting rainwater

IMG_7569Kodaikanal monsoon are one of the most beautiful things we have ever seen. According to data consolidated from years 2000 to 2012 by, Kodaikanal receives a monthly average rainfall of 50 mm. This is a huge potential for harvesting rainwater for the drier months (January to April).

techo esquema vacas.jpeg


The roof of the cow-shed is sloped in two directions (north and south). The roof is constructed using galvanised iron corrugated sheets sloping at 1:4 (1 cm for every 4 cm) to allow quick run of water down the roof. 


The water is collected on both ends of the roof separately and then joined together to flow into a tank or a pond to be constructed in future.
The total roof area is calculated to be 136 sq. metres. With an average monthly rainfall of 50 mm, about 7000 litres of water can be collected from the roof every month- which gives us over 80,000 litres of rainwater in a year (The peak is in the months October-November-December, over 20,000 litres of water every month).


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