Deep into the heart of India

As I changed one bus after another and finally reached after 16 hours, I was overwhelmed with the landscape and people of Madhya Pradesh. Farmers have tilled their farms recently after the harvest of moong. They wait, as do their dry and thirsty land, for monsoon and the next crop.


In the middle of several hundreds of acres of farmland, is an 8 acre Krishi Tirth, on the northern bank of Narmada river.IMG_8641IMG_8646

Here, even though the sun is scorching, rustling trees of mango, guava, banana, neem and bamboo, among several others tell stories, under their shade of folk and nature throughout day and night.

A shaded courtyard under a neem tree is peacefully busy with people passing through as they go about their day, stopping for food and conversations.


Deepak Suchde Ji runs his Natueco Learning centre, a pilgrimage for farmers and a shelter for seekers in Bajwada, about 130 kms from Indore. He has worked with the land and its beings for over 40 years. Locals recognise him as the scientist. 

To know more about Natueco lifestyle, its methodology and impact, visit:



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