Bamboo House / Ladder House @ Sacredgroves, Auroville

My grandmothers house in Delhi was the only in the city at that time, where relatives from near and far came and stayed whenever they had some important work in the city or their children had holidays in school.

In summers, the house had cousins from all aunts and uncles, something that all children (including me) would wait for the entire year.
When I had started realising that they come to Delhi and the leave for somewhere else,  I started developing a fantasy, a dream. How wonderful it would be if we lived in a house with wheels! We could tie the house to some horses and travel to far away lands without having to get out of the house.

I would persistently ask all visitors if their house in their village/town could move. I would long for the day when I grew old enough to buy or build a house like this, hoping my parents would do it much earlier.

Years passed, I grew up and forgot about this silly idea.

I realised much later that I already lived this dream at SacredGroves.








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