Seeding diversity

One of the most fascinating things someone who owns a garden, tends to a plant or a tree, will recognize and appreciate is the power of a seed. Nature has codified the entire information of existence and beauty in a tiny capsule. This capsule germinates and matures to a whole plant in presence of the five elements of nature.

Increasing standardization of food and agricultural practices are responsible for standardization of seeds as well. There are very few communities who are working very consciously in preserving the native seeds of different kinds and propagating it through farmers who are now understanding the perils of mono-cropping.

While walking through North Colombia, we encountered several plants and trees, that we hadn’t seen or heard of. The forests guided us and we kept walking. And our way we kept receiving seeds of plants the indigenous use as food, timber, and medicine.
Wherever we went, we also shared the seeds of Tulasi, the sacred plant from India as our gratitude for having received some really rare and special plants from the diverse land of Colombia.

It is in this exchange of seeds, we realised the power of what we were doing. We were not just sharing the seeds or food from two different lands. We were sharing a promise of a future that we all want to nurture, our past, our history, and our culture, all captured in that tiny capsule.






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