Shunya Farm

Our new home and work in Bir in the Kangra valley of the Western Himalayas.Its been a joy to see the farm grow and transform over the spring. Our work with the soil on the land rewards us every week with food for 10-15 people in Bir and of course ourselves.
Now preparing for an early monsoon!
Thanks to our friend Tashi Steiner for the lovely photos.


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  1. Gracias por compartirnos tanta belleza

    Enviado desde mi iPhone

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  2. Thanks Anjul !… and Happy Birthday !!!!!!!The place is beautiful … and you two together you could do magic like this …Amor para los dos.
    Espero poder visitarlos algún día…


  3. Guys! This is absolutely brilliant! I love the name too. Shunya seems perfect for the life and choices that the two of you have been opting for.

    It is amazing to see the farm and all your hard work so beautifully bloom 🙂 Keep the blogs going, I keep taking tips from it for my terrace plants, which have been blooming well.

    Sending some pictures to share the joy. Cannot wait to be on the farm with you guys in September!!

    Take care you two :*

    On Sat, Jun 3, 2017 at 5:17 AM, pockets-full-of-stories wrote:

    > Anshul posted: “Our new home and work in Bir in the Kangra valley of the > Western Himalayas. ” >


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