Small Scale Farmers Cool the Planet

When people visit us on the farm, they always ask us- do we make enough money from this? is this really profitable? our answer is- you dont have to look up to us to decide if organic farming is profitable. maybe some farmers are better businessmen than others. and maybe you ll make better profits... Continue Reading →


Compost is organic matter in which a certain sets of microorganisms have grown aerobically and in the process have released metabolic heat and metabolic products, which are useful to plants and maintain the microbial life in the soil. By application of compost, we inoculate the soil with a diversity of microorganisms and create a healthy... Continue Reading →

The living soil

There are several techniques and methods of making compost for soil amendment. The following information is based on the research conducted by soil microbiologist Dr. Elaine Ingham, which was shared with us by Spero Latchis who has been farming in Bir, and implementing Dr. Elaine’s ideas, while improvising based on his own research and observations.... Continue Reading →

El Gallinero / Chicken Coop

Our work at Casa Indigena in Palomino was to build a gallinero, a shelter for the 15 hens that Antonia and her family fed and took care of. The material and tools were provided by a foundation helping the Casa Indigena. Due to lack of material and time, we were not able to finish the... Continue Reading →

To Nicole, wild and free

Half Arhuaca, half Bonachi (the Arhuaco name for civilians), she is the four year old granddaughter of Antonia, the matron of Casa Indigena in Palomino. She was our love in casa indigena and maybe because she was never afraid of living the moment completely. It was a gift to spend three weeks in her company.

Los Wayúu

Existe, en tierras áridas al norte de Colombia, un grupo de personas que dicen haber nacido de una piedra en la alta Guajira en Amúruru, hoy en día conocido como Nazareth, nombre que surge a partir del deseo de construir una casa como la de Maria y Jose. Otras pero de las mismas personas dicen... Continue Reading →

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