Ha sido el hogar de clima caliente, que nos acoge cuando la ciudad agota nuestras energías, cuando nos llamamos unos a los otros a compartir fines de semana o semanas enteras en familia. El lugar que ha conocido y contenido cinco generaciones familiares, siempre observados por 5 palmas ubicadas en linea recta de mas de... Continue Reading →

COW SHED / skin

The skin of the structure is as important as the structure itself. It can allow or prevent the flow of air and moisture between inside and outside (pretty much like our skin), making huge perceptible and imperceptible differences in the interiors. The space between the horizontal wood sticks in the varchee frames were filled with... Continue Reading →

COW SHED / features

When we arrived in Kodaikanal last year, there were 3 cows and a new born calf at the farm. They had been living in an old shed put together using iron sheets. As new calves were born and the cowshed was no longer sufficient to house all the cows and even keep the rain and... Continue Reading →

SOIL / dwellings

Every mobile living being always looks for a shelter. A shelter that protects it from the harsh forces of nature, from predators, and provides a safe place to breed and take care of the young. To move from a nomadic culture to an agricultural community, man must have felt the need for stronger, longer lasting,... Continue Reading →

A week in trance

In the month of Pangani of the Tamil Calendar (March 15- April 15), Vilpatti along with other villages around celebrate Thiruvalla, a 3 day festival of gods, humans and animals. For three days, the entire mountain is in a trance. Everything and everybody is in deep connection with something extraordinary, something that existed all the... Continue Reading →

Sunday Market

Marketplaces have always been one of my favourite spaces. They a rare combination of intensity and flavours for all five senses. They transform into a hub in small communities, towns and cities, becoming a meeting point and a monument of cultural and traditional memory of our needs (food, clothes, tools). This is the Sunday market... Continue Reading →

Al natural

Cuando se habla de arquitectura natural o arquitectura orgánica, llega a mi mente la imagen de sustraer y adicionar, en forma de equilibrar las necesidades del ser humano con los recursos naturales. Como el ser humano no es capaz de entender los misterios de la naturaleza y sus leyes ilegibles, preferimos construir orden y objetos... Continue Reading →

Tercer set de gatos

En la finca solo hay una gata adulta, ella va y viene aveces nos sigue hasta la parte mas alta de la montaña, aveces nos despierta en la noche saltando por los tejados pero no importa lo que pase TODAS las mañanas  viene al cuarto a saludarnos haciendo un poquito de pereza con nosotros. La... Continue Reading →

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