The starting materials used to build a compost pile determine the nature of the finished compost. If the starters were mostly bacterial food, the compost will be bacterial dominated, while fungal dominated compost would need lot of fungal food as the starting material.  If the starting material is not very diverse and rich in... Continue Reading →

Shunya Farm

Our new home and work in Bir in the Kangra valley of the Western Himalayas.Its been a joy to see the farm grow and transform over the spring. Our work with the soil on the land rewards us every week with food for 10-15 people in Bir and of course ourselves. Now preparing for an... Continue Reading →

Seeding diversity

One of the most fascinating things someone who owns a garden, tends to a plant or a tree, will recognize and appreciate is the power of a seed. Nature has codified the entire information of existence and beauty in a tiny capsule. This capsule germinates and matures to a whole plant in presence of the... Continue Reading →


Riohacha, the capital of the Carribean desert of Colombia, is an aspiring city slowly breaking through the shackles of a small town. Founded around 500 years ago, Riohacha has been the gateway to Colombia from the north and is house to the indigenous Wayyu community which also spreads to parts of Venezuela. The city was prone... Continue Reading →

Stories with Chema

After our work at the Casa Indigena came to an end, Chema invited us to his farm with his lazaro, Edgar to spend some time together and to bless us for our journey thereafter. After climbing for about an hour, we reached the house in the middle of acres and acres of forest. We spent... Continue Reading →

Crab tunnels

As we walked and walked through the coastal desert of Camarones, we encountered the various holes in the sand, an intricate network of tunnels burrowed by the crabs to stay cool and safe during the days. The tunnels protect them from the harsh sun and predators.

IMO, Sol de Minca

Sol de Minca is a part of a very interesting forest system. Although it is located on a mountain, it is hardly 30 minutes away from the caribbean sea. This puts this forest in between the dry and wet tropical climate, a zone of transition and a hot spot for diversity. The soil is mostly... Continue Reading →

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