IMO / Cultivating microbes

Microorganisms in the soil are a crucial link in nature’s energy cycle. Some of the beneficial traits of these microorganisms can also be employed by farmers to take care of their soil. (The terms beneficial/harmful apply only where a certain outcome is desired. There is no way to say what is beneficial or non-beneficial. In nature,... Continue Reading →

SOIL / biology / a microbiome

The soil is a living web of diversity. Billions of microorganisms thrive in the soil alongwith earthworms, insects,mites and so on. The nature and number of organisms in the soil depends on the food source and supply, temperature and moisture of the soil. The region of the soil in immediate vicinity of the root systems of... Continue Reading →

SOIL / physical / texture and structure

The physical framework of the soil is actually built of inorganic mineral crystals which differ in their size and compose of 45% of the soil's volume. These particles are distinguished based on size as sand (0.05 mm- 2mm), silt (0.002mm-0.005 mm), and clay (<0.002 mm). The proportions of these minerals relative to each other give the soil... Continue Reading →

SOIL / beneath the dirt

Human beings derive most of their food from plants nurtured by soil. It then follows that, to be healthy and have the energy to to do what we aspire to in our short lives, we need to eat good food, for which we need to maintain good soil health.  Because of the current agricultural practices,... Continue Reading →

Early Spring

Today, the earth embraced the sun completely and nearly. This vernal equinox also marks the earliest northern spring since 1896. An equinox is a biannual event when the earth is not tilted towards or away from the sun at all. Both the northern and southern hemispheres are gazing at the sun. It normally occurs on March... Continue Reading →


To understand whether or not the soil is in good health, it is important to understand the complex life system that thrives in a healthy soil and check for signs of these lives in the soil. All living beings need energy to be alive. Plants are the only beings that have the ability to harvest... Continue Reading →


I mentioned in the earlier post that there are three reasons why we have seasons: the 23.5 degree tilt of the earth, or obliquity. The earth’s axis of rotation is fixed and doesn’t change with the rotation of the earth. In other words, the north pole points in the same direction in space always. Revolution... Continue Reading →

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