Seeding diversity

One of the most fascinating things someone who owns a garden, tends to a plant or a tree, will recognize and appreciate is the power of a seed. Nature has codified the entire information of existence and beauty in a tiny capsule. This capsule germinates and matures to a whole plant in presence of the... Continue Reading →

Mango Fermentation / Pickling

The mangoes at Sol de Minca are some of the most delicious that we have tasted. We shared our recipes of fermentation and pickling so that this taste can be persevered and relished throughout the year. Diced and grated raw mango

Fermentation / preserving food

As we began to farm and harvest, we realised that we also needed to learn how to preserve food for longer. There were times when we had too much of a vegetable and there were times when we had nothing. There were also times when we could not farm or harvest because of the rains.... Continue Reading →

Green manure / Seed saving

To maintain the fertility/ nutrients in the soil, addition¬†of compost is a common method.¬†While composting speeds up the natural cycle of transforming energy and returning it to the soil, it can be very labour intensive to shift the compost to different areas, specially on a mountain. Also, if the land area is big, it will... Continue Reading →

SOIL / building a relationship

When we use the energy in the soil to make food for ourselves, we borrow a part of the soil. We can only have a good relationship with the soil if we return what we take. Nature is always productive. Nature gives without conditions. We need to learn to love and respect. It takes some... Continue Reading →

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