Seeding diversity

One of the most fascinating things someone who owns a garden, tends to a plant or a tree, will recognize and appreciate is the power of a seed. Nature has codified the entire information of existence and beauty in a tiny capsule. This capsule germinates and matures to a whole plant in presence of the... Continue Reading →

Fermentation / preserving food

As we began to farm and harvest, we realised that we also needed to learn how to preserve food for longer. There were times when we had too much of a vegetable and there were times when we had nothing. There were also times when we could not farm or harvest because of the rains.... Continue Reading →

SOIL / dwellings

Every mobile living being always looks for a shelter. A shelter that protects it from the harsh forces of nature, from predators, and provides a safe place to breed and take care of the young. To move from a nomadic culture to an agricultural community, man must have felt the need for stronger, longer lasting,... Continue Reading →

IMO / Cultivating microbes

Microorganisms in the soil are a crucial link in nature’s energy cycle. Some of the beneficial traits of these microorganisms can also be employed by farmers to take care of their soil. (The terms beneficial/harmful apply only where a certain outcome is desired. There is no way to say what is beneficial or non-beneficial. In nature,... Continue Reading →

Farming in the mountains

Looking out from the porch, we can see the mighty mountains in the east, the city of Palani in the north and the villages of Attwampatti, Vilpatti and Koelpatti and their lush green farmlands in the north west. Terraces have been cut artistically on difficult mountain slopes to maximise flat land available for farming. The... Continue Reading →


Angelica and I took a Permaculture Design Course (PDC) in December 2014 in Auroville with Rico Zook (, Martin Bastide and Roman Benjankri. Permaculture (permanent agriculture or permanent culture) was coined by David Holmgren and Bill Mollison first in 1978 in Australia. Since then, Permaculture has travelled across the globe as a design study applicable to... Continue Reading →

Tamil farmers’ calendar

This is a representation of how the farmers plan their crops in Kodaikanal. Our reference were of course only the people who come to the farm to work. One of the many interesting things in this calendar was that the month Chitra (April 15-May 15) is the month of Agni (fire) because of the intense sun... Continue Reading →

Energy transformations

In order to understand the cycle of life, the conservation of energy, even the balance of infinity and void and the beginning of realisation that infinity is void, I find looking deeper into the event of death and decay quite important. In nature, biological, chemical, geological and spiritual forces are constantly at work, transforming energies... Continue Reading →

Learning to farm

One of the first things we learnt when we started working on the land was the importance of maintaining soil health. Every season we deplete the soil of its nutrition by harvesting vegetables, fruits and cereals and try to compensate for it by adding chemical fertilisers. This not only damages the soil but the entire... Continue Reading →


I mentioned in the earlier post that there are three reasons why we have seasons: the 23.5 degree tilt of the earth, or obliquity. The earth’s axis of rotation is fixed and doesn’t change with the rotation of the earth. In other words, the north pole points in the same direction in space always. Revolution... Continue Reading →

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