Bamboo House / Ladder House @ Sacredgroves, Auroville

My grandmothers house in Delhi was the only in the city at that time, where relatives from near and far came and stayed whenever they had some important work in the city or their children had holidays in school. In summers, the house had cousins from all aunts and uncles, something that all children (including... Continue Reading →

To Nicole, wild and free

Half Arhuaca, half Bonachi (the Arhuaco name for civilians), she is the four year old granddaughter of Antonia, the matron of Casa Indigena in Palomino. She was our love in casa indigena and maybe because she was never afraid of living the moment completely. It was a gift to spend three weeks in her company.


Ha sido el hogar de clima caliente, que nos acoge cuando la ciudad agota nuestras energĂ­as, cuando nos llamamos unos a los otros a compartir fines de semana o semanas enteras en familia. El lugar que ha conocido y contenido cinco generaciones familiares, siempre observados por 5 palmas ubicadas en linea recta de mas de... Continue Reading →

‘The Game of Eternity’

Since we are all atoms and elements of largely known nature, it shouldn’t be very difficult even for an empirical study to predict future. Some people understand these elements extremely well and can have insights into the different parallel realities that could exist in future. Fortunetelling was probably words of wisdom from such people for... Continue Reading →

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