La Mama Kalima

Su contagiosa sonrisa grabada entre sus ausentes dientes, su piel oscura, mezcla de la raza y del sol que resalta aun mas por sus coloridos atuendos, uno para trabajar y el otro para pasearse entre las montañas y Vilpatti (el pueblo en el que vive). No se como diablos nos comunicamos, pero podemos pasar horas... Continue Reading →

A reflection on our perfect lives

Change is right around the corner. With media and internet, a lot of us are aware of our rights, aware of the victims, we can sympathise with them online without even actually doing something. Our education is changing. We realise that our children are not meant to be machines. Our culture is changing. We are... Continue Reading →

10 days

Whenever I am sad or happy, I feel at a loss of words, although a thousand words are stuck between my heart and my head. My mind is like a blank canvas and I am unable to say or do anything to express it. So I have chosen to be silent since I was little.... Continue Reading →

Waking Life

I have been in Ahmedabad for the last six days. Coming home is never easy. Specially knowing that I have two very different identities. One is static and I try to preserve it with great difficulty for the convenience of my family and friends. It feeds on memories and experiences that have already passed, a... Continue Reading →

Celebrating Labour Day

Today we celebrated Labour Day. It was day full of excitement, laughter, accidents, fights and smiles. More than usual. We planned yesterday that we will take a picture of all of us, so all of them came well dressed (of course with spare work clothes in their bag). Bhuvana, Ratna and Kalima made Kesari, Satish... Continue Reading →

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