Crab tunnels

As we walked and walked through the coastal desert of Camarones, we encountered the various holes in the sand, an intricate network of tunnels burrowed by the crabs to stay cool and safe during the days. The tunnels protect them from the harsh sun and predators.

El Gallinero / Chicken Coop

Our work at Casa Indigena in Palomino was to build a gallinero, a shelter for the 15 hens that Antonia and her family fed and took care of. The material and tools were provided by a foundation helping the Casa Indigena. Due to lack of material and time, we were not able to finish the... Continue Reading →

Sol de Minca / MoMa

Viviana calls her 2 year old house at Sol de Minca, MoMa-Montaña Mágica. She hosted us at MoMa for 2 weeks and allowed us to play with the house to make it more functional.   Before  /  After   Details  

COW SHED / skin

The skin of the structure is as important as the structure itself. It can allow or prevent the flow of air and moisture between inside and outside (pretty much like our skin), making huge perceptible and imperceptible differences in the interiors. The space between the horizontal wood sticks in the varchee frames were filled with... Continue Reading →

COW SHED / structure

The structure of the cowshed is made of red gum eucalyptus wood cut in year 2015 from the forest above the farmhouse. Most of the wood used is about 15-20 years old and has been seasoned for 6 months or more after cutting. All the wood being used was painted with Neem oil and diesel (in ratio... Continue Reading →

COW SHED / features

When we arrived in Kodaikanal last year, there were 3 cows and a new born calf at the farm. They had been living in an old shed put together using iron sheets. As new calves were born and the cowshed was no longer sufficient to house all the cows and even keep the rain and... Continue Reading →

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