EDE (ecovillage design education) Philippines, Tuwa the laughing fish

Working with the Earth Institute in Auroville, India (from January 2012- May 2012), was a turning point in my life. I was suddenly in a remote place in south India, on the other side of my world having to deal with a new culture, environment and mindset building small houses from earth. Coming to Auroville was not an... Continue Reading →

Open Island Ahmedabad 2015

In January of 2015, we teamed up with the Open Island India team (Deepak and Vinesh), National Institute of Design (NID), Ahmedabad, the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation and the Sabarmati Riverfront Development Corporation to create the first open island in Ahmedabad. It was a great experience for us, the students of NID, the faculty and the... Continue Reading →

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