The origin from the threads / El origen desde los hilos

The thread in the indigenous tradition, is spun out of a natural fibre by the mother, and used as the starting point of a union, construction and repair. Several visible and invisible threads come together to unite stories and promises. From the origin, it is said that, Zerankua (God, the creator) placed two interlaced threads,... Continue Reading →

Los chivos and the changing landscape of Wayuu existence

As we drove north-east of Riohacha, the vegetation became sparse, the land drier and the sun more intense. While still in the car, we could see the horizon on our three sides with the mountains of Venezuela to the far east. This land is an endless desert with cactus- tuna and cordon (used to make Yotojoro)... Continue Reading →

Stories with Chema

After our work at the Casa Indigena came to an end, Chema invited us to his farm with his lazaro, Edgar to spend some time together and to bless us for our journey thereafter. After climbing for about an hour, we reached the house in the middle of acres and acres of forest. We spent... Continue Reading →

Crab tunnels

As we walked and walked through the coastal desert of Camarones, we encountered the various holes in the sand, an intricate network of tunnels burrowed by the crabs to stay cool and safe during the days. The tunnels protect them from the harsh sun and predators.

Los Wayúu

Existe, en tierras áridas al norte de Colombia, un grupo de personas que dicen haber nacido de una piedra en la alta Guajira en Amúruru, hoy en día conocido como Nazareth, nombre que surge a partir del deseo de construir una casa como la de Maria y Jose. Otras pero de las mismas personas dicen... Continue Reading →


Ha sido el hogar de clima caliente, que nos acoge cuando la ciudad agota nuestras energías, cuando nos llamamos unos a los otros a compartir fines de semana o semanas enteras en familia. El lugar que ha conocido y contenido cinco generaciones familiares, siempre observados por 5 palmas ubicadas en linea recta de mas de... Continue Reading →

A week in trance

In the month of Pangani of the Tamil Calendar (March 15- April 15), Vilpatti along with other villages around celebrate Thiruvalla, a 3 day festival of gods, humans and animals. For three days, the entire mountain is in a trance. Everything and everybody is in deep connection with something extraordinary, something that existed all the... Continue Reading →

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