Sunday Market

Marketplaces have always been one of my favourite spaces. They a rare combination of intensity and flavours for all five senses. They transform into a hub in small communities, towns and cities, becoming a meeting point and a monument of cultural and traditional memory of our needs (food, clothes, tools). This is the Sunday market... Continue Reading →

Farming in the mountains

Looking out from the porch, we can see the mighty mountains in the east, the city of Palani in the north and the villages of Attwampatti, Vilpatti and Koelpatti and their lush green farmlands in the north west. Terraces have been cut artistically on difficult mountain slopes to maximise flat land available for farming. The... Continue Reading →

Tercer set de gatos

En la finca solo hay una gata adulta, ella va y viene aveces nos sigue hasta la parte mas alta de la montaña, aveces nos despierta en la noche saltando por los tejados pero no importa lo que pase TODAS las mañanas  viene al cuarto a saludarnos haciendo un poquito de pereza con nosotros. La... Continue Reading →

Celebrando Pongal

  Pongal el festival de la cosecha en Tamil Nadu al sur de india, se celebra del 13 al 16 de enero. Tradicionalmente Pongal se dedica al dios del Sol surya, y marca el comienzo del recorrido. Durante tres dias se hacen ofrendas, el primer dia se decora la casa con ramas de neem y mango... Continue Reading →

Tamil farmers’ calendar

This is a representation of how the farmers plan their crops in Kodaikanal. Our reference were of course only the people who come to the farm to work. One of the many interesting things in this calendar was that the month Chitra (April 15-May 15) is the month of Agni (fire) because of the intense sun... Continue Reading →

Kittens (again)

The cat is never too far from the kitchen where the three one-month old kittens have a bed in a dark corner. They come down tumbling from their box and run around in the kitchen the whole day. We were told that the last six kittens could have died from a disease called distemper and that... Continue Reading →

Lavando ropa

Como la casa queda entre las montañas y toca caminar 20 minutos hasta encontrar la carretera principal por un caminito muy chiquito, es imposible tener lavadora. Así que la tía Agitala tiene su propio sistema de lavado. Dependiendo de que tanta tierra y color del pasto tengan los pantalones, estos pueden durar sin lavar de... Continue Reading →

El trabajo

Desde que estoy viviendo en Kodaikanal, un pueblito chiquito en las montañas del sur de India, me siento mas India. Tengo contacto con la india real, con lo mas esencial de una cultura, trabajo todos los días con 45 trabajadores campesinos, que viven en las veredas y en pequeñas casa cubiertas por verde de las... Continue Reading →

Census ’61

Kartika got her hands on a Census of India report of 1961 which has about 200 pages of survey report written beautifully and exclusively for the village of Vilpatti. That Vilpatti was an interesting study even 50 years ago for the government and researchers is pleasant surprise. The report talks about the geography, socio-economic-political constructs... Continue Reading →

Witnessing the birth of a holy cow!

The connection between the cow and the people who take care of it seems so strong, it was almost like Ramji and Natrayan could feel every movement that Tara (the cow) made. After almost forty five minutes of pain and struggle, Tara gave birth to a beautiful, big and strong calf. The intensity and happiness... Continue Reading →

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