Riohacha, the capital of the Carribean desert of Colombia, is an aspiring city slowly breaking through the shackles of a small town. Founded around 500 years ago, Riohacha has been the gateway to Colombia from the north and is house to the indigenous Wayyu community which also spreads to parts of Venezuela. The city was prone... Continue Reading →

Camino al corazón del mundo / The walk to the heart of the world

La Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, es una cordillera que alcanza una altitud de 5.700 mt y que a su vez se encuentra a solo 40 km de la costa caribeña, abarca aproximadamente 17.000km2 y en ella nacen más de 35 ríos, esta cordillera se encuentra localizada al norte de Colombia entre los departamentos de... Continue Reading →

Stories with Chema

After our work at the Casa Indigena came to an end, Chema invited us to his farm with his lazaro, Edgar to spend some time together and to bless us for our journey thereafter. After climbing for about an hour, we reached the house in the middle of acres and acres of forest. We spent... Continue Reading →

Sol de Minca

While in Palomino, we were invited to Minca, also known as the 'ecological capital of Colombia' by Viviana and her lovely family. The family takes care of a beautiful forest, which they call Sol de Minca, nestled in the northwestern mountains of La Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. We spent 2 very special and memorable... Continue Reading →

Deep into the heart of India

As I changed one bus after another and finally reached after 16 hours, I was overwhelmed with the landscape and people of Madhya Pradesh. Farmers have tilled their farms recently after the harvest of moong. They wait, as do their dry and thirsty land, for monsoon and the next crop. In the middle of several hundreds... Continue Reading →

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