Seedballs / Recipe

Seedballs are basically lumps of soil protecting seeds inside them. These balls can be thrown away or rolled down to the place we wish to grow the seeds. Continuous watering or rains will dissolve the soil around the seeds and give them a medium to establish themselves. The use of seedballs eliminates tilling or any... Continue Reading →

IMO / Recipe

Following is a simple way of harvesting IMOs by Rohin Dsouza and Rico Zook ( Material: 1. Non metal container with a lid/cover 2. Day old cooked rice 3. String 4. Molasses, jaggery, whole sugar Recipe: Harvesting the IMOs 1. Loosely fill the cooked rice in a non metal container and cover with a lid... Continue Reading →

Lemon soap

One of our studies has been to explore how the plants available on the land and other naturally occurring resources can be used for daily needs such as soap, toothpaste etc. This is a recipe of making a soap from lemon oil which can be used for washing vessels and bathing. Ingredients: Fresh lemons Water... Continue Reading →

Ginger, Garlic, Chili extract

The ginger, garlic chilli extract can be used on fruit trees to control/remove sucking pests and defoliators. At Sun Farm, we have some fruit trees with black fungal growth. This fungus grows on the sweet secretions from the aphides. However, we observed some fungal growth even before the aphides appear. To control these aphides, we applied this... Continue Reading →

Orange Pickle

This recipe is from Kalima. She brings us lemons and oranges from her garden and insists that we make pickle. Since we don't know how to, she decided to help us with it. Ingredients: (for 500gms of pickle) 8 oranges 3 tablespoons of chilli powder 3 to 5 tablespoons salt (to taste) 2 tablespoons of... Continue Reading →

Eucalyptus bark

At the farm, we cut about 500-600 red gum eucalyptus trees to replace them with fruit trees. (500 odd more trees will be cut in the near future). The wood from the trees is being used for building but we are left with a huge volume of tree bark which was cleaned off before seasoning... Continue Reading →

Kanji (carrot pickle)

I always remember Kanji from my grandmother's house in Delhi. Winter was the season of carrots and beets and my grandmother used to buy kilos of each at the very beginning. This she would put with some spices and water in large ceramic pots and leave them in the sun for about a week. This was... Continue Reading →

Curd / Yogurt

Making curd is easy but it can easily go wrong too. There are two important things: The temperature of the milk The amount of curd added Recipe: Boil the milk you want to curdle. Let it cool a little bit (more than warm, but not too hot) For 1 litre of milk, add 1 tablespoon... Continue Reading →

Nursery Soil

The decision to wether to put the seed in the nursery or not can taken by keeping the following things in mind: The size of the seed. If the seeds are too small, it is difficult to sow them at uniform distances and they can easily get lost. or eaten by worms, insects, birds.  In... Continue Reading →


Panchagavya can be used on both soil and leaves, depending on the soil and plant health. This recipe is from Annadana Seed Bank at Botanical Gardens, Auroville. It has an elaborate preparation: Ingredients: Fresh cow dung- 5 Kg Ghee- 1 Kg Cow's urine- 3 litres Cows milk- 2 litres Curd - 2 litres Tender coconut water-... Continue Reading →

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