Tamarind soap

I learnt how to make this soap in Philippines with Michel. You will need: 1 kg of tamarind cream taken from ripe tamarind 1 litre of water 1/2 kg honey Recipe: Remove the shell and seed of the tamarind. Create cream by taking the pulp from the tamarind and using your hands press through a... Continue Reading →

Jeevamrit / Amrut Jal

This concoction has been suggested by several people and is known by different names. Subhas Palekar leading the Zero Budget Natural Farming calls it Jeevamrit and Deepak Sachdeo leading Natueco faming calls it Amrut Jal, it is also known as Amirthakaraisal. It is a growth promoter added to the soil. Recipe: Fill 200 litres of water... Continue Reading →

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