COW SHED / harvesting rainwater

Kodaikanal monsoon are one of the most beautiful things we have ever seen. According to data consolidated from years 2000 to 2012 by, Kodaikanal receives a monthly average rainfall of 50 mm. This is a huge potential for harvesting rainwater for the drier months (January to April). The roof of the cow-shed is sloped... Continue Reading →

WATER / the far end of the pipe

Grey-water is any wastewater except water from toilets (which is called blackwater). It is estimated that 70-80 % of the waste water coming from a household is greywater. Conventional plumbing systems dispose of greywater via underground septic tanks or sewers which often get overloaded, are difficult to maintain and have poor treatment, spewing it into lakes... Continue Reading →

WATER / the sacred cycle

Water makes for 70% of our bodies. We consume it in different forms and have put it to use in ingenious ways to make our lives better and easier. Since the beginning of agriculture, water has been the most decisive factor in the success of civilisations (all of which have flourished on the banks of rivers).  Although, while... Continue Reading →


On the upper side of the farm, we made a pond to collect water from the underground streams coming from the upper farm. We havent lined it with anything yet, we need to observe the seepage and where the streams flow in. The main outflow pipe has been installed. Next to do: Install the tanks... Continue Reading →

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